Cancer in North Central Florida

February 6, 2017




North Central Florida has the highest cancer mortality rate in the state, according to the North Central Florida Cancer Report 2016  produced by WellFlorida for the North Central Florida Cancer Control Collaborative (NCFCCC). The report includes a wide range of cancer data such as cancer death rates, incidence rates and related emergency room visits. It also illustrates disparities between the region and Florida as well as disparities between genders, races, ethnicities and counties.

 NCFCCC is one of Florida’s six regional Cancer Control Collaboratives under the Department of Health’s Florida Comprehensive Cancer Control Program. In partnership with WellFlorida Council, NCFCCC supports the region’s cancer community with resources, networking opportunities and education.

A valuable tool for cancer patients, survivors, caregivers and family members is NCFCCC’s The Cancer Resource Guide for North Central Florida. This online resource lists support groups, community and caregiver resources, financial support services and tobacco cessation activities throughout the region.

NCFCCC also supports The Cancer Resource Blog, for local healthcare professionals and stakeholders to share information about grants, partnering opportunities, workshops and more. Featured topics on this blog have been, but are not limited to: screening recommendations for prostate and breast cancer, opportunities to earn CEUs, local cancer-related meetings, workshop announcements and requests for study participants.


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