Cancer Resources

August 24, 2016



0 has recently come out with a new publication titled, “Understanding Cancer Immunotherapy.” PatientSource is a cancer resource organization that provides cancer patients and survivors with free patient resource guides covering all types of cancers. The organization also provides free subscriptions to their sister magazines, CURE and HEAL, which contain helpful information on current cancer treatments and research. Those interested can receive their free subscription by visiting or by calling 1(800) 210-2873.

Individuals can also visit for additional cancer resources. The Cancer Resource Guide of North Central Florida provides cancer patients, survivors and their families with the education and resources needed to reduce the burdens they face due to cancer.

Anyone interested in networking with professionals and others affected by cancer can visit and like Cancer Connections’ Facebook page. Cancer Connections is a community program in Gainesville that allows health professionals, caregivers and cancer survivors to meet monthly to discuss various topics including treatments, counseling and survivorship programs.









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