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August 10, 2015




DSME Q&A Conference Call
Call-in: 888-670-3525; Code: 416-360-4135
2:00 – 3:00 PM
August 4, 2015

Question and Answer Summaries:

Question: How do we submit the proposal and budget?

Please submit all proposals via email by 11:59PM (EDT) on August 31, 2015. The email address is listed in each Hub’s mini-grant announcement. Each Hub’s service area is listed in their respective mini-grant announcement.

Question: How do we complete the budget if we are applying for more than one category of funding?

If your organization is applying for multiple categories of funding, please include all requested funds on Attachment 1. You are not required to submit individual copies of Attachment 1 for each funding category. However, please clearly indicate in the Budget Narrative portion of Attachment 1 which category or categories each budget line item will be used to support.

Question: What staff licensure requirements are needed to meet the AADE and ADA DSME standards?

Please refer to the Crosswalk for AADE’s Diabetes Education Accreditation Program Standard 4. The Crosswalk was attached to the original funding announcement.

Question: If we are applying for multiple categories of funding, what is the page limitation for Section C of the proposal?

The page limitation of Section C is three pages, double-spaced, for each category of funding requested. For example, if you are applying for 2 categories of funding, you may use up to three pages for each category for a total of up to six pages in response to Section C.

Question: How will mentors be assigned on a case-by-case basis?

Mentors will be assigned to all organizations receiving Category D funding. Mentors may be assigned to organizations receiving Category A, especially if the funded organization requests mentorship services.

Question: Under Section B, B3, how do we describe our organization’s commitment to addressing the need for DSME services?

Organizations may cite monetary or in-kind support as commitment to addressing the needs for DSME services.

Question: Who should letters of support come from?

Letters of support should be from community partners who can attest to your organization’s ability to provide DSME. Letters of support may also be from organizations who agree to support you in your efforts to provide DSME by offering in-kind support or as a source of referrals. A maximum of five letters of support should be included, with a length of no more than two single-spaced pages each.

Question: If applying for Category D, are we expected to receive Accreditation or Recognition prior to the end of the funding cycle?

No. You are required to complete the mock-audit with your assigned mentor and have a date by which your organization intends to apply, or has applied, for Accreditation or Recognition.

Question: Are we required to attach the Crosswalk (Attachment 3) to our completed application?

No. Attachment 3 is informational and does not need to be submitted with your application.

Question: In Category C: Building Infrastructure to Provide DSME Services in the table under “Elements Included” it mentions “and promotional materials”, can you define what you are considering promotional materials? For example in our program we give water bottles during the hydration educational session and small collapsible coolers during the nutrition section to keep snacks in; would these be considered promotional items?

These are allowable promotional items.

Should you have additional questions, please email them to M.R. Street at m.street@flhealth.gov

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