Funding Opportunity for Marion County Health Need Areas

October 2, 2017




The Marion County Hospital District Board of Trustees (MCHD) is pleased to announce grant funding opportunities to improve the health of residents in Marion County. The Board of Trustees has determined, based upon the 2015 Community Health Needs Assessment conducted by WellFlorida, Inc., that the following designated health need areas will receive priority for Hospital District grant funding beginning February 1, 2018:
• Obesity prevention in adults and children
• Smoking cessation and prevention in adults and adolescents, including other tobacco use
• Diabetes prevention and treatment
• Prevention and stabilization of mental/behavioral health related issues, and/or opioid prevention and treatment
• Prevention and treatment of adult oral health related issues

This year’s grant process utilizes a two step procedure. Before potential applicants can submit a full grant application, interested parties must first submit a Grant Summary Letter for review and consideration. The letter due date is Oct. 18, 2017. If the selection committee/board is interested in learning more about your proposed project, you will receive an invitation (on or about Oct. 31, 2017) to submit a grant application. Only applicants who receive an invitation from MCHD staff will be permitted to submit grant applications (via online submission by Nov. 27, 2017 at 5PM). To gain a clear understanding of the grant’s health focus areas, reporting and requirements, we encourage you to review the 2018 Marion County Hospital District Funding Opportunity Announcement and Guidelines for Application, available at under the Grants tab.

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