June 9, 2014




MyHealthStory, the community-level Health Information Exchange supported by WellFlorida, helps healthcare professionals engage patients and satisfy Meaningful Use Stage 2 secure messaging and patient engagement measures. All across the nation, the federal government will be requiring that healthcare professionals have at least 5% of their patients accessing their medical records electronically. This may seem like a doable number; however, most healthcare professionals are finding it difficult to reach that goal. Why? For one, patients have a time memorizing all the different passcodes and processes to access electronic information if they have multiple providers. MyHealthStory addresses this issue by serving as a community chart: patients need to memorize only one login to access a community-wide patient portal shared by multiple medical facilities. Also, doctors can “share” patients accessing information if they share a community portal like MyHealthStory. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid have ruled that if multiple eligible professionals contribute information to a shared portal, eligible professionals may count the patient in the numerator for this measure if the patient (or an authorized representative) views online, downloads, or transmits to a third party any of the health information from the shared portal. For more information about engaging patients, Meaningful Use Stage 2, or MyHealthStory, contact Kendra at

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