Rural communities in Florida find HIT assistance through CommunityHealth IT

March 23, 2016




Health Information Technology (HIT) is a great way for service providers and patients to electronically share necessary health information. However, many rural communities in Florida lack financial and technical resources to implement HIT within their practices.

Fortunately, the Rural Health Partnership of North Central Florida (RHP) developed CommunityHealth IT to create a solution to this problem. This organization helps rural providers understand the benefits, risks and opportunities of HIT while providing the means to invest in HIT programs. CommunityHealth IT is supported by partners throughout the region, state and nation including physicians and healthcare providers, public and behavioral health centers, medical facilities, healthcare professional associations, universities and learning institutions, regional economic development organizations, local governments, quasi-governmental entities and community and faith-based organizations.

Through CommunityHealth IT’s primary service, MyHealthStory, patients and providers can exchange and maintain health records. This free, secure and easily accessible tool benefits healthcare managers, providers, patients, veterans, healthcare facilities and other businesses.

As a result of these efforts, 65% of rural hospitals served have achieved Meaningful Use.

Learn more at RHI hub.


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