Community Health Needs Assessments for Central Florida Health Service Area Now Available

June 27, 2019




WellFlorida News Release

Central Florida Health and WellFlorida Council have recently released reports that assess the health of Lake, Sumter and Marion counties. The reports provide data on the health of the region and identify priority issues for improvement. Two assessments, along with the 2019 Central Florida Health Community Health Assessment Technical Appendix, are available at, select “Publications.”
According to the reports, residents consider quality of life to be good in the region. However, there is a shortage of services, especially for mental health, and dental and specialty care. Alcohol and drug abuse, poor eating habits and distracted driving are major problems, according to the reports, and emergency rooms are overused for routine healthcare.
Central Florida Health is a locally owned, nonprofit healthcare system, providing services to Lake, Sumter and Marion counties through Leesburg Regional Medical Center and The Villages® Regional Hospital. The Affordable Care Act requires all nonprofit hospitals to complete a Community Health Needs Assessment at least once every three years and to adopt an implementation strategy to meet the community health needs identified through the assessment.
Central Florida Health’s implementation strategy is to focus on the concerns mentioned above, as well as work to improve age-related health issues and prevention of chronic diseases.
“Community Health Needs Assessments provide communities with the insights they need to begin to develop the responses necessary for improving health factors and health outcomes,” said Jeff Feller, chief executive officer at WellFlorida Council.
WellFlorida Council, the region’s local health council and consultant for health causes, was commissioned to research and write the reports.

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