Hamilton and Columbia County Community Health Assessment Now Available

May 8, 2019




The Florida Department of Health and WellFlorida Council have recently released Community Health Assessments for Columbia and Hamilton counties. The assessments for each county, which are accompanied by the 2019 Columbia and Hamilton County Community Health Assessment Technical Appendix, provide data on the health of the region and identify priority issues for improvement. The reports are available atwww.WellFlorida.org, select “Publications.”

Community Health Assessments are used to assess the population’s health status, incorporate the needs and priorities of the population, highlight areas of unmet need and provide a clear set of objectives to work towards meeting those needs. Data for the assessments is acquired through community surveys, focus groups and secondary sources. 

“Community Health Needs Assessments provide communities with the insights they need to begin to develop the responses necessary for improving health factors and health outcomes,” said Jeff Feller, chief executive officer at WellFlorida Council.

According to the assessments, access to healthcare and social services, tobacco use and prevention, and mental health issues were identified as priorities for both counties.

The Florida Department of Health in Columbia and Hamilton County will use the assessments to work with community partners in the development of a Community Health Improvement Plan beginning in July 2019.

WellFlorida Council is the region’s local health council and consultant for health causes.

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