Hernando County Surveys to Identify Community Health Needs

October 18, 2022




Hernando County residents, community-based organizations, social service providers and healthcare professionals are invited to take a 10-minute survey to help identify the region’s most pressing health concerns. The Community Health Needs Assessment Survey is being conducted by local health planning council WellFlorida Council, in partnership with Florida Department of Health.

The community survey for residents at least 18 years old is available in English and Spanish at https://tinyurl.com/33hjfwk2. Providers of health-related services are encouraged to take the provider survey at https://tinyurl.com/23ma6kj6. Both surveys will be available from October 18 to November 30, 2022.

Survey results, along with local health data, will be used to develop a Community Health Needs Assessment for the county. This report, to be released in Summer 2023, will identify the most pressing health issues in Hernando County and serve as a tool for community leaders to take actions towards a healthier community.

For more information about the surveys, contact Christine Abarca, WellFlorida Council, at cabarca@wellflorida.org or 352-727-3767

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