Citrus County invited to share views on health

May 7, 2018




WellFlorida News Release

Citrus County community members and healthcare providers are invited to share their views on health and healthcare by participating in a focus group and/or taking a survey. WellFlorida Council is conducting the research in May and June for the Florida Department of Health in Citrus.

Focus group participants will earn $20 for roughly two hours of their time. Call WellFlorida at 352-727-3765 for the focus group schedule and to sign up.

The Citrus County Health Survey is available online at (select “Survey”). Surveys are available in English and Spanish. In addition to the online survey, hard copies will be available through the Florida Department of Health in Citrus. For additional information regarding the surveys, call or email Chris Abarca at or 352-727-3767.

Focus group feedback and survey results, along with research and health related data, will be used to assess the region’s most pressing health needs. This information will be made available in September 2018 in the report Citrus County Community Health Assessment 2018.

WellFlorida is the local health council for North Central Florida and a consultant for health causes.


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