ACA deadline nears, young adults hesitate to sign up

March 19, 2014




WCJB TV 20 News

Studies show young americans aren’t signing up for health insurance through the marketplace, even with a deadline looming above their heads.

The deadline for open enrollment is March 31st and anyone who misses the deadline will have to pay a penalty— $95 or 1% of their family income.

Young americans say they don’t need the insurance while others say they might not understand it.

“They just don’t like to be told what to do, basically.  It could also just be, sort of like myself, sort of don’t understand the enormity of it or the actual influence,” said Carlos Naves, UF student.

Those who undergo a special life event can be exempt from the deadline and can sign up.

But for everyone else, enrollment will be closed until October of this year.

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