Everyone’s Doing It: Stop AIDS Now aims to reduce the spread of HIV locally

April 18, 2013




WellFlorida News Release
GAINESVILLE, Fla. (April 17, 2013)—A new High Impact Prevention (HIP) project by WellFlorida Council is aiming to decrease the spread of HIV and link HIV-infected individuals to prevention and care services in Alachua, Marion and Putnam counties.

Everyone’s Doing It, It’s Everyone’s Business and ARTAS are components of the HIP project, which is funded by the Department of Health.

Everyone’s Doing It promotes condom use and HIV testing throughout the three counties. Testing is confidential and teens do not need parental consent to be tested for HIV. Locate HIV testing sites and events at EveryoneStopAIDSNow.org.

WellFlorida is also offering free HIV testing Monday through Friday by appointment only. WellFlorida, is located at 1785 NW 80th Blvd., Gainesville. Call 352-313-6500 ext. 120 for more information.

It’s Everyone’s Business is a partnership between WellFlorida and local businesses that are interested in sharing HIV prevention messages and materials with their customers, employees and other neighborhood businesses. Some of these businesses provide free condoms and serve as HIV-testing sites. Businesses currently participating in the program include:

Alter Ego Fitness, 101 SE 2nd Place, Suite 210, Gainesville

Beach Break Salon, 630 W. University Ave., Gainesville

Civic Media Center
, 433 S. Main St., Gainesville

Club 12/Decadence, 12 SW 2nd Ave., Gainesville

Lee Conlee House, Palatka

Ocala Pride, PO Box 83-1234, Ocala

Peaceful Paths, 2100 NW 53rd Ave., Gainesville

Rural Women’s Health Project, PO Box 12013, Gainesville, 32604

The Pub, 14 NW 5th St., Ocala

The Copa Nightclub & Tropix Restaurant, 2330 S. Pine Ave., Ocala

The House, 378 SE 3rd St., Ocala

University Club, 18 E. University Ave., Gainesville

Vicks Supper Club, 207 N. 18th St., Palatka

Wild Iris Bookstore, 22 SE 5th Ave., Suite D, Gainesville

“Getting businesses involved is really key to stopping the spread of AIDS in our communities,” said Shane Bailey, director of community initiatives at WellFlorida. “Businesses are in the community—they reach a lot of people. They can help get the word out about HIV prevention and reduce the stigma and complacency associated with it.”

Businesses interested in participating in the program can contact Naomi at naomiak@www.wellflorida.org or call 352-313-6500 ext. 120.

Individuals who have recently been diagnosed with HIV or who have HIV but have not received medical care in six months are encouraged to contact ARTAS. ARTAS, the third component of the WellFlorida project, stands for “Anti-Retroviral Treatment and Access to Services.” ARTAS links people to the care and resources they need. For more information, visit ARTAS at EveryoneStopAIDSNow.org or call 352-313-6500 ext 120.

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