Marion County New Year’s Health Resolution

January 15, 2013




WCJB TV-20, January 15, 2012
Its a New Year’s resolution for the entire county; to get in shape.

Officials with the Health Department, United Way, WellFlorida Council and other agencies gathered to talk about key health issues in Marion County.

A study showed that Marion County is ranked 17th in Clinic Care Delivery.
But in other categories such as death rates, Marion County came in at number 48.

These folks think that building partnerships and awareness can improve the overall health of Marion County.

“It’s not about more hours in the emergency room. It’s not about more disease management programs, those they are a big part of what we are going to do, but there has to be some other social interventions that will move us forward to bring down the bad rates that we see in some of these areas.”- (Jeff Feller, Chief Executive Officer with WellFlorida Council)

The committee pointed out that high rates of child poverty, lower percentages of residents with a higher education, and high unemployment rates are all factors that affect health issues.

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