Report shows cancer death rates high in North Central Florida compared to state

November 9, 2016




WellFlorida News Release
North Central Florida has the highest cancer mortality rates in the state, according to the recently released North Central Florida Cancer Report 2016  by WellFlorida Council.

The report, produced for the North Central Florida Cancer Control Collaborative (NCFCCC), includes a wide range of cancer data such as cancer death rates, cancer incidence rates, cancer related emergency room visits and hospital discharge data. This epidemiologic profile of 11 counties in North Central Florida highlights disparities between the region and Florida as well as disparities between genders, races, ethnicities and counties.

According to the report, the age-adjusted death rate of all cancers is 27% higher in North Central Florida than in the state. The leading types of cancer in both the region and the state are lung, colon and breast cancer. Lung cancer is the number one cancer—but in North Central Florida, the death rate from lung cancer is 42% higher than the state rate.

“This discrepancy indicates a need for improvement in cancer screening, education, awareness, access to healthcare services and other systemic issues,” said Jeff Feller, chief executive officer of WellFlorida Council.

One of NCFCCC’s purposes is to collect data to determine the greatest cancer related needs in the area. The North Central Florida Cancer Report 2016 will be used to assist NCFCCC in establishing priorities and planning for future regional cancer control activities.

The report is also useful for healthcare professionals, researchers, grant writers, cancer stakeholders and anyone interested in the region’s latest cancer statistics.

North Central Florida Cancer Report 2016 can be downloaded from the publications page of WellFlorida’s website at

One of Florida’s five regional Cancer Control Collaboratives, NCFCCC’s purpose is to improve access to cancer care and reduce the burden of cancer in North Central Florida. To learn more about NCFCCC, please contact Myesha Ponder at or 352-313-6500 x 115. Oversight and leadership of NCFCCC is provided by WellFlorida Council.

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