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July 10, 2015




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Industry experts gathered in Tallahassee last week to discuss the status of health information technology in the state and the services now being offered through the Florida Health Information Exchange. The locally operated service MyHealthStorySM was a point of focus during the June 26 symposium “Going Digital: Helping Florida Get Connected” hosted by the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration.

MyHealthStorySM was noted for its role in providing cost-effective access to providers and health systems wishing to exchange information on the Florida Health Information Exchange and the national eHealth Exchange.

MyHealthStorySM is a free personal health record for patients and an integrated longitudinal medical record with data exchange tools for healthcare professionals, practices and institutions.

MyHealthStorySM allows for sharing patient information among behavioral health and case management with more traditional forms of healthcare delivery, and Veterans can electronically share their VA health information with their civilian providers.

The collaborative nature of MyHealthStorySM and health information exchange improves the flow and accessibility of patient information and can substantially improve health outcomes.

“MyHealthStorySM assists our providers in the sharing of important medical information regarding our patient population. Many of our patients are from rural areas, and the ability to obtain more rapid and current information has led to improved quality and health care deliverance,” said Sanford A. Kaufman, M.D., interim medical director of Meridian Behavioral Health Center. “This is a wonderful addition to our ability to benefit our patient population.”

The organization behind MyHealthStorySM is CommunityHealth IT, a nonprofit located in Gainesville that addresses barriers that slow the adoption of health information technology.

In addition to providing access to the Florida Health Information Exchange through MyHealthStorySM at reduced rates, CommunityHealth IT provides a number of resources for rural healthcare providers, including financial resources to assist them with high-speed Internet, interoperability and population health management. For more information, visit

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